Christine Turner

Meet the Owner

I honestly never thought I’d own a Christian streetwear brand. I knew that my artistic gift, was a gift from God. One day in prayer, I asked God to gift my hands. I had no idea what I was praying for. I just knew that this gift that God gave me had to be used to glorify Him. In 2016, God gave me the vision to create graphic tees. 

In July of 2018, the revelation of the business name and logo came in a vision while attending a conference. My eyes were closed, and I saw Connected in white letters, with a black background. I knew the font that God wanted me to use, and I even saw the stylized slanted letter “n’s” and the stylized cross as the letter “t.” I then heard God whisper in my spirit, “by God.”  Immediately I took out my pen and paper and sketched the vision. 

I knew that God wanted me to create a brand for believers in order to help them express their faith, be a light wherever they go, and provide a community. I would encourage you to wear Connected by God with the intention of identifying with, living for, and connecting to deliver the life changing message of Jesus Christ according to Acts 2:38.




God's plan of salvation

Acts 2:38